Request to open a MEE fuel station. Apply Here
With state of art fully automated fuelling mechanism that is cheating and adulteration proof and a fuel that is better than diesel in quality, performance, economy and emissions, MEE fuel stations are going to attract millions of users and followers.

You can become a part of MEE fuel retailing network by enrolling as a franchise partner and operate your own MEE fuel station.
Premium and profitable fuel station business opportunity for you

Partnering benefits

MEE gives everyone a chance to be a part of this upcoming revolution and build a profitable and sustainable business. Our franchise partner enjoy:

Attractive & consistent ROI
Multiple revenue sources
Association with an Ultra-premium renewable fuel brand
State of art end to end automation: every drop filled & accounted
Association with ISO 9001 certified company
Value appreciation of land in future

Business model

MEE Fuel Station Franchise business model is a standard Company – Franchise model in which MEE teams with Franchise Partner to build MEE Fuel Stations, supplying their flagship product, Indizel.

In this model, Franchise Partner invests in Land, Licenses, Infrastructure and Operations and MEE provides Product, Design, Model, Permission support, Brand Promotions and Business Support.

Eligibility criteria

We are looking for Partners in our journey to build a sustainable and happy future for India. Understand your eligibility here :

Ideally, franchise partner should be
Indian National above 21 years of age
Graduate with experience of managing retail store fronts / business
Clear title of land for fuel station on Highways / Peri Urban Roads / Urban
Financially stable
Entrepreneurial traits
Selection criteria
Land location, size and title
Entrepreneurial Experience
Financial History / Background and Financial Stability
Current and Future Commitments

Steps in becoming franchisee

Step 1 Application

Apply here to become a MEE Fuel Station Franchisee.Applicants can also call on 998 377 4445 or email on and share their contact and land details.

Step 2 Assessment

On receiving the application, MEE Sales Team will get in touch with the applicant to assess their eligibility. They will then scrutinize the application, supporting documents, land area and location and applicant’s financial background. A land survey will be conducted and if the land location is found feasible, the application is processed further.

Step 3 Allotment

Once the application is approved, MEE issues a Letter of Allotment to the Franchisee. Applicant is then asked to submit required documents, bank guarantee, credit franchisee fee, and security deposit. Post receipt of deposit, MEE and Franchisee will enter in an agreement to build and operate MEE Fuel Station.

Expectations from MEE

  • Scrutinize application and select right Franchise Partner as per the guidelines and expectations
  • Process paperwork and agreements
  • Guide and assist Franchisee in obtaining permissions
  • Provide site design and material specifications and ensure that the fuel station is built as per MEE standards.
  • Overlook equipment installation and automation implementation
  • Train Sales staff for smooth operations
  • Supply Indizel to the fuel stations
  • Land Rentals, Equipment Rentals and Sales revenue
  • Promotional, Operational and Business Support

Expectations from franchisee

  • Land on State / National or Prominent Urban location with clear title and supporting documents
  • Investment in land development, franchise fees and security deposit and raising Bank Guarantee from a nationalised bank
  • Obtain statutory permissions
  • Operate MEE fuel station as per MEE standards and guidelines
  • Ensure day to day operations are smooth
  • Involve in growth of business and overall revenue
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