Expectations from our Dealers

Know more about what it takes to start your own franchise with MEE

  • Land to
    The size of the land should be above 30x30 m for Type 1 model or 40x40m/45x45m for Type 2 model.

    The land should also be levelled and developed. The dealer will have to lease his land to MEE for a period of 19 years.
  • Investment for
    Retail Outlet
    The dealer has to develop the outlet as per requirements and standards specified by the company. MEE will provide engineering guidance and technical assistance. The investment required would vary depending on the type and location of the retail outlet. Tanks, Dispensing units, Signage, Automation etc (To be sourced/purchased from MEE)
  • Statutory
    The dealer needs to obtain required statutory clearances from local bodies as per requirement of state for starting business. However, our representatives will assist the dealer in obtaining the same.
  • Involvement in
    the Business
    In this case, since our dealers own the business, it is in their interest to get involved in the business, abide by its best practices; and this could reap benefits in the form of a steady line of business for their future generations.
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